L'Eto Caffe

The rainbow colour changing tea, the teapot comprised of a bright blue butterfly pea flower tea rose syrup along with a lychee lemon juice (the last of which is the key colour changing ingredient). This was so fun and refreshing It tasted like a hot lychee drink (which may not be to everyone’s taste), so they have an Iced Tea Latte version also. It was magical ☕️

Situated in Knightsbridge this is the perfect place to treat yourself (after a compulsory visit to Harrods of course). As soon as you walk in there is a pretty butterfly sign saying Count the memories mot the calories That's the motto: YOLO 💁🏻‍♀️

Pros: Even though we had mains first (of course) I can’t help but review the well-renowned Pistachio Dulce de late; which I am still craving over. I’ve heard reviews of LETO Caffe boasting the best milk cake and let me tell you IT WAS THE BEST. No other milk cake I have tried compares to this one. It was heaven on a plate 😍 and I would go again in a heartbeat just to eat this again 😍😍😍!!!!!!! The ‘Triple chocolate cheesecake’ was delicious too as it was not overpowering with chocolate; light, smooth and creamy.

For mains, I had Spring Chicken with Lebanese baba ganoush and herb-roasted baby potato salad. Surprisingly, the chicken was full of flavour and the salad was very tasty. I also had the Shish Barak Beef & Lamb Dumplings ‘Pelmeni’ served with labneh yoghurt pine nuts & herbs. These dishes were both filling and delicious!

Cons: For the location, of course, the downside would be the very high cost which includes an obligatory 12.5% customer service in the bill. Though it's pricey, I totally recommend it… especially for desserts

Overall: If you were to go for just one thing at LETO Caffe, it has to be the heavenly ’Pistachio Dulce de late’ 😍! Its one of those keeps you awake at night craving type desserts 🤤

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