Game of Thrones: Iced Blueberries Shake

Game of Thrones: Iced Blueberries Shake

If you would like a precise recipe then check this out:


So I bought some blueberries and was wondering what to do with them. I had not made a fancy drink in quite a while so thought hey...I’ve never tried a blueberry milkshake so let’s do this! 🥤🫐

To be honest, I didn’t follow a recipe as I just blended together blueberries, whole milk, some vanilla ice-cream and a teaspoon of sugar. It tasted really good but I thought what could take it to the next level 🤔...adding whipped cream! I then decorated it with some edible glitter and did a little photoshoot. Then hey presto, this blueberry beauty came about! 😍

For all the #GOT fans out there, I hope you enjoyed this shoot as it’s dramatic AF and fits with the theme tune I’m obsessed with! #WinterIsComing 🐺 ❄️

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