Chico’s Luton

Business Background:

Chico's Parmi "N" Shakes is Luton's Latest Fast Food Edition. From Chico's Peri Peri Chicken to Burgers, Shakes and our famous Chico's Parmesan Chicken. Located on Maidenhall Rd, we have parking nearby. Our services include walk-in, click & collect and home delivery. Order today and experience the unforgettable taste of Chico's!

My review:

I was kindly invited to the newly opened Chico’s and was super excited as it’s about time Luton had takeaway which does chicken parmesan. They did not disappoint 👌

I was gifted the following food items from their menu:

  • ‘Hot Shot Parmesan’ (Topped with parmesan sauce and mozzarella cheese) £7.95

  • ‘Chicos Cheetah Burger’ Chicken Breast fillet, crunchy cheetos, lettuce, hot cheese sauce & chicos hot sauce. £3.99

  • ‘Dirty Fries’ (Mince with Jalapeños and Cheese Sauce) £4.99

  • Premium Skittles Milkshake- £3.99

  • Milk Cake- £3.50

I absolutely love how colourful the interior is with a hot pink, electric yellow and black themed branding throughout which makes it really stand out amongst other takeaways. The staff were also really friendly and gave plenty of recommendations on what to try out/what their best sellers are.

I have had Parmesan Chicken before in other restaurants (mostly up North) and some got it spot on, yet others were a flop. I was pleased that Chico’s got their chicken parmesan game right, as it was fully loaded with flavours, had the right amount of spice, topped with Jalapeños and was cheesy af with their homemade mozzarella cheese sauce😍 Chicken and Cheese is deffo a winning combo!

I also enjoyed their chico’s cheetah burger as it had no other than my FAVE Flaming hot crunchy Cheetos Yaaas! I was so gassed about this and it did not disappoint (I am looking forward to trying more gourmet burgers from the range).

One initial hiccup however was the ‘Dirty Fries’ as me and my family did not like the taste as it was not flavoured enough. I directly brought this up with the manager, that although I enjoyed the rest of the food, I did not like this. Of course being a new takeaway there will always be ups and downs at the start. Being a food reviewer does not always mean just criticising but actually helping small businesses to improve. I am so happy that they listened to my critical feedback and on that weekend they invited me again to try out their new and improved ‘Dirty Fries’. It was much better this time around 👌 Thank me later guys 💁🏻‍♀️

Lastly, my absolute FAVE milkshake as everyone knows is the OG skittles milkshake. I’m happy to say that Chico’s SMASHED IT! Got the taste just right 👌 Also a lot of people have been raving about their in house Milk Cake and it’s worth the hype! The milkshake and milk-cake I basically finished off myself 👀 and will go back for more!

Overall, I am genuinely so happy that this new takeaway has come to Luton and they are open to any feedback to improve (message them any suggestions you may have, honestly the owner is so down to earth and nice!) As we know restaurants and takeaways have been hard hit by this pandemic, so I really appreciate Chico’s asking me to come and review twice! Of course with any new business at the start there will be ups and downs, but the only way is up! This is deffo one of my new go to places in Luton now!

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