Chocolate Chai Bombs

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I was kindly gifted these classy ‘Chai Bombs’ in an array of flavours by Baker Mij, who has collaborated with Royal Chai UK and Hira Tea.

Baker Mij is a very talented guy, who runs a small business from his dedicated baking workshop at his home in Luton. If you are looking for a range of gifts, such as macarons and cupcakes, with luxury packaging, then take a look at his Instagram @bakermij

The Chai Bombs looked beautiful and I was in awe with how they were presented in a classy way. The packaging was personalised with ‘The Foodie Pro’, which I was gassed about! I absolutely love when items are customised as it means so much more.

The different flavours were Kashmiri Chai (light pink), Karak Chai (dark pink) Elaichi Chai (green) and Masala Chai (white)☕️

The instructions were straightforward as you need to place the Chai bomb into your favourite mug and pour boiling hot milk over it until it ‘explodes’. Then stir away, put your feet up and enjoy the luxurious cup of chai.

I tried all of them and must say my favourites were the Karak Chai and Kashmiri Chai as they tasted authentic. I was really impressed, as initially I was concerned that the flavours would not be as strong as actual chai, however it was delicious! It was not too sweet or artificial tasting. My family also really enjoyed the chai bombs and said they would purchase more in the future.

This would make such a lovely gift for any chai connoisseur as it is presented in a really fun, quirky way. They are a rather sophisticated version of the trending ‘hot chocolate bombs’ and would be perfect for an afternoon tea party. I would highly recommend this product and would like to thank @bakermij for gifting this to me and my family. We absolutely loved it! 🥰





Music: Dj Kantik - Kul

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