Elysium Chai

Elysium Chai is a small business based in Luton, which specialises in the fun trend of Hot Chocolate and Chai Bombs.

Business Background:

Elysium chai’s main goal is to please tea lovers like myself! Within the family event im always the designated baker, so now I get to show my creativity with the new trend of hot chocolate bombs however turn it into something with an asian twist by bringing different flavours of chai into it. As I’m only 17, I’m still learning as I go along, but I’m grateful for all the support I’ve had so far and I hope with every pour of hot milk to every chai bomb opening I hope I can bring joy to every one of my customers spending the pandemic at home with their loved ones❤️

~ Nabilah

My Review:

I was gifted these beautiful Chai bombs which are a spin on the popular beverage, and are filled with just as much flavour. In fact the chocolate shell brings an even more luxurious taste to the chai.

The Chai Bombs were:

Pink - Kashmiri chai

Green - Karak chai

Hot chocolate - White choc on top

Caramel coffee - Coffee Bean on top

As a Chai connoisseur (I can’t go a day without drinking multiple cups of chai), I can’t get over how authentic these taste! The kashmiri and karak chai really do taste like the actual beverage or even better because of the addition of chocolate. The hot choc and caramel coffee were also really nice, but hands down the Chai Bombs win for me!

These would make a brilliant gift for any Chai lover...especially Desi parents!

Check out @elysiumchai on Instagram as she has much more content uploaded, including a Valentines Collection and boxes for different occasions.

~ The Foodie Pro ~

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