Fendi Cafe Harrods

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I went to visit this picturesque, boujee looking cafe in Harrods for brunch in 2019, which has now closed. The setting itself was beautiful and although the menu was not halal, there were some vegetarian options in both the food and dessert selection.

Pros: Panini and poached eggs were definitely the highlights as they were cooked to perfection. Torta Caprese was a major taste bud throwback to chocolate pudding served at school dinners and would have been even better if served with chocolate custard. Strawberry cheesecake had no taste until we realised you need to break the chocolate ball which has a tart strawberry syrup Inside (then it tasted good).

Cons: Desserts were quite mild and subtle in their taste (although they looked very pretty). Unfortunately, the Fendi Biscuits had no taste and were DRY (even hot drinks did not help).

Overall, was glad to have visited and it inspired the start of this online food journey.

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