If there’s one home-based business in Luton that truly deserves the hype, it would be @Halapes_ltd. They do not only deliver on the food side, but the packaging and attention to detail are second to none. They have that finishing touch! If you are looking for a foodie gift with the ‘WOW’ factor, then @Halapes_ltd delivers just that!

Business Background:

Once upon a time.... in the year 2020, a pandemic hit the world and caused the UK to go into lockdown. A couple decided to embark on a journey which they have been planning behind the scenes for a while, but with more time at home, they decided to make it come true.

They quickly identified a gap within the market for halal canapés and miniature bite-size items, and that’s when they took on the mission. To bring delicious authentic halal canapés for you all to enjoy!

Sounds simple, however, like with many simple foods, making them outstanding requires much honing and dedication.

After many attempts, they finally mastered the art and a miracle was born! A sequence of delicately prepared canapés made carefully using particular ingredients and a twist to the traditional Asian snacks.

It was an instant hit! The rest, as they say, is history. Yet to this very day, their values remain the same. They pride themselves on making the best products and ensuring our packaging includes the personal touches that make that important difference.

Even more, the savoury items are able to be frozen, and consumed at one's convenience, perfect for all occasions, family get-togethers or simply to enjoy at home.

My Review:

When the business first launched they were selling a variety of Halal canapés, and I was personally very impressed with the high standards, unique concept and attention to details.

Savoury Canapés:

  • BBQ Chicken Tartlets

  • Manchurian Tartlets (Veg & Paneer)

  • Shepherds Pie

  • Chicken and Mushroom Pie

  • Lamb Pie

  • Gravy pot and pipette

Halapés literally blew me away with their classy packaging and the burnt-effect scroll menu within was super impressive! Honestly it’s all about the little things and attention to detail 😍

I followed the easy instructions, cooked the pies and then drizzled the gravy on top using the cute little pipette. It was love at first bite!

Despite being small in size, they are quite filling and were big in flavour! These halal Canapés would be ideal for Afternoon Teas at home or as starters for events such as birthdays or weddings.

This is a very unique concept, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, and are looking for a savoury treat then this is your go too!

Check out their page on Instagram, as they have a whole range of items to choose from.

Halapés Sweet Gift Box:

Recently, when @Halapes_ltd asked me to review their new desserts box, I was jumping for joy as I was so happy that they ventured out from savoury to sweet treats! I just knew they would be fabulous and to be honest they exceeded my expectations 👏


  • Cream cones: white chocolate & pistachio and almond supreme

  • Coconut cheesecake

  • Classic cornflake crunch with a drizzle of white chocolate and rose petals

  • Halapés special Tiramisu with gold flakes

  • Lemon tart vol-au-vent

  • Apple crumble with a condiment of custard

  • Sprinkle of meringue and pretzel for décor

Before I talk about the desserts, let me discuss the packaging cause dayyum they smashed it once again!

From the classy ribbon box to the beautiful dried flowers, the pretty personalised tag, the calligraphy style handwritten menu and the floral tissue paper inside...10/10 on the presentation! This is what makes @Halapes_ltd stand out from the crowd.

The mini desserts were adorable I didn’t know where to start, so I tried a bit of everything and they all tasted delicious. My favourite of all had to be the Halapés special Tiramisu with gold flakes, I fell in love and wish they make a huge version one day as it looked like an éclair but tasted like Tiramisu.

I also loved the cute little custard pots which I poured over the adorable mini apple crumbles. The cornflake tarts were so pretty and the pistachio cream rolls were perfection... way better than any I’ve tasted before. It was all elegant and delicious.

These would make the perfect gift for a loved one and if you’re after quality desserts with attention to detail then you need to order from @Halapes_ltd ❤️

~The Foodie Pro~

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