The Shisha Gardens

The Shisha Garden is a hidden little gem with absolutely stunning decor which left us in awe! You could tell they had gone through a lot of effort with the interior, as it is so intricate and pretty with a chilled-out vibe; to create a unique ambience. Also, loved the little button system they had to contact the friendly staff.

Pros: Fell in love at the first sip! The Mango Colada was different from any Pina Colada Mocktail I have had. The mango really complimented the pineapple… great combo! Also, The Chocolate Orange Pudding and Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack were a sweet treat and presented well.

Cons: There was limited availability of food and we opted for Lebanese Chicken/Lamb wraps which were tasty but could have had more halloumi (major cheese fan) and the chips were pretty standard.

Also, the Chocolate Orange Pudding although tasted really good, was lacking a strong orange flavour. Lastly, the interior (although stunning) was a bit cramped due to all the tables and tight space.

Note: You must also bring some form of ID with you whatever your age, so remember to take ID or even a pic of it with you. Also, there is a 2-hour max stay on busy nights and you will be reminded of this 30 mins before you are due to leave.

Overall: Loved it and would definitely go again. A nice hidden spot to socialise with your loved ones ❤️

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