Las Iguanas

If there was any restaurant that holds a special place in my heart (and my besties) it would have to be Las Iguanas. We literally crave their food! 😍

Pros: I’m a huge fan of the blazing bird, which reminds me of Nando’s, but with a spicy BBQ Sauce (Argentina)

Also loved the Fajita stack with chicken breast strips, where you can make your own wraps with a special mix of spices onions & peppers, grated cheese, sour cream, jalapenos roasted tomato salsa & soft wheat tortillas (Mexican)

The chicken quesadilla is exactly how you expect it to be…. mouth-watering! A warm tortilla filled with spicy chicken, peppers, onion & cheese. folded pan-toasted & served with roasted tomato salsa

The Mexican Eton mess with hibiscus syrup mascarpone yoghurt and a sprinkling of crushed meringue with obligatory strawberries was a real sweet treat!

Tip of the day - When ordering a mocktail during happy hour (all day every day) you get the same one again for free! Bargain 😌

Cons: The Calamares were a complete letdown! to be honest, only certain places can get them spot on. (Chaii Ki had SMASHED IT!!) Also, the Cheesy Peru Fondue with gooey cheese & Amarillo chilli sauce with crispy potato chunks may sound like a delight BUT IT WAS NOT! Do not be fooled, it was not a nice cheese fondue at all. Especially compared to Zizi’s cheese fondue… a Cheese pot with Gruyère & Pecorino cheese with baked dough sticks & focaccia bread 😍 🤤 (Delicious)

Overall: There are certain dishes at this restaurant which are amazing, whereas some others are a hit or miss. Definitely worth trying if you have not done so already!

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