Sheesh Chigwell

This place has been on my food bucket list for a very long time, as I’ve heard so much about it and it did not fail to impress! I was actually shocked by how beautiful this place was...both the interior and exterior...every detail...literally Boujee AF! So so stunning! Such a vibe 🔥

Let’s a starter we tried the ‘Prawns with Tomato and Feta Cheese’ which was didn’t blow me away but it wasn’t too bad either (luckily I got this on the house...blogger pros😜)

Now onto the main event...everything was presented so beautifully 😍 deffo to my prestigious presentational standards...down to even the rainbow salad 🥗 There was so much to choose from but of course, we had to go for their famous Chicken Sheesh! I’m not usually a chicken sheesh fan...I always say why go to a restaurant for chicken (it’s usually standard) when you have so many meat options...but this one hit differently! It was so flavoursome and juicy! Loved it 😍

Next up was the Wagyu Rib Eye Steak. I was surprised that this was only £50/60 as usually, it’s way over £100...but it didn’t look like the marbled Wagyu I’ve seen in other restaurants, so it may have been low grade or not even wagyu idk but I was disappointed 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyways it was definitely juicy but too pink for my liking (I did ask them to cook it medium/medium-well but they didn’t 🥺) I know everyone has different taste preferences when it comes to steak but I just can’t do anything less than medium cooked steak 🥩 Let’s just say I wouldn’t get this again and I will deffo go to Harrods or somewhere in Mayfair to try a proper A5 Wagyu steak 💃 bring it on! 🙌🏻

Ooo yaas the mocktails! A Passionfruit Mojito is my go-to drink everywhere I go now...I just LOVE IT! I used to hate passionfruit drinks and now I’m obsessed😂 It is what it is!

Finally for dessert...ah I wanted it all but I thought what haven’t I tried in a while...good old doughnuts drizzled in Maple syrup...these were lush 😍

Overall, although it was quite pricey (and yes there’s a smart dress code)...would I go again? Yes! Especially for the sheesh and the vibes...after all, it is the renowned Sheesh Chigwell 🔥

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