Smoky Boys

I visited this burger joint in Watford after having heard good things about it. It has a rustic, American-diner feels about it with the decor and luckily we were the only ones there as we came near to the opening time.

Food ordered:

🍔: Smoky Beast: £13.00

Beef patty x 2, oak-smoked turkey bacon, cheddar & American cheese, rocket, gherkins, grilled onion, Smoky Boys Sauce, brioche bun

🍔: Smoky Chick: £8.50

Chicken breast marinated in peri sauce, mature cheddar cheese, baby gem lettuce, tomato, red onions, light mayo, brioche bun

🍟 Skin on Fries: £3.00

🥤Smoky Boys Shakes: £5.00

Ferrero Rocher

Pro’s: I must say I really liked the rustic decor and in fact had myself a little photoshoot cause why not hey💁🏻‍♀️. Anyways, on to the important part: the food! So we went for a chicken burger and a double patty beef burger (cause my eyes are bigger than my belly) which was huge! The chicken burger was really tasty and had good flavour, so would deffo recommend this! I loved the skin on fries as they were crispy but they deffo needed a sprinkle of 🧂 🍟

Cons: I was really hoping the Smoky Beast would be a juicy 🍔, however, the beef patties were quite dry, bland and lacking flavour. The actual burger size was huge and although looked impressive, was tricky to eat without it falling apart. I was not ‘wowed’ by this burger, so would not get this again. Also, the shake was super thick, however, lacked the distinctive Ferrero rocher flavour which was disappointing.

Overall: I did want to originally try the brisket burger (which I have heard good things about), however, did not see it on the menu at the time, therefore opted for the smoky beast. This burger, in particular, didn’t do it for me, however, the chicken burger was nice. Would I go again? try more things on the menu as I’m sure there will be something on there I fall in love with.

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