Vanilla and Strawberry with Nutella Brioche French Toast

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

My recreation of a famous dessert inspired by Christopher’s ‘Warm Brioche French Toast’ with a ‘Foodie Pro Twist’.

This is easier to make than you think and at a fraction of the price.

Nutella French Toast

The recipe I followed (Linked above) is courtesy of the blog: ‘Olivias Cuisine’. She is a blogger, photographer and learnt how to cook with her grandmother. Her Instagram is @oliviascuisine where she has more than 500 recipes, so do check it out!

My Review:

When I ate this luxurious dessert for the first time at Christopher’s in London, I was in heaven as it’s every chocolate lovers dream. I saw it posted on nearly every food bloggers page and never imagined it would be so easy to make at home. I am glad I chose this very simple recipe to follow by Olivia's Cuisine. 👩‍🍳

Firstly, the most important ingredient is the brioche loaf, which can be obtained from any supermarket. I got the ‘Extra Special All-Butter Brioche Loaf’ from Asda which you need to cut 4 slices, for this recipe, roughly about 1” each. The recipe suggests you use stale bread however, I did not have the patience for this and it turned out fine! In the recipe it states to spread the Nutella between two slices at the start however, I added it after the brioche was toasted on both sides (see below).🍫

The key is that once you make the ‘eggy mixture’ do not soak the brioche slices in for too long as it will fall apart. Also, make sure the pan is super hot and a tip by Olivia is to lubricate the non-stick frying pan with cooking spray first and then butter. 🧈

It does seem a bit strange at first when you are making the french toast, as I worried I may have put too much of the ‘eggy mixture’ onto the slices. I did not want a typical french toast which tasted of an egg. However, once the brioche starts to turn a lovely golden brown colour, I was relieved and gosh it smelt so good! 🍞

I chose to mix the Nutella with some Creme-Fraiche and added that to the middle of the brioche toasts. It then oozed out chocolatey goodness, when I cut into it and was not too sweet. I then decorated it with icing sugar, strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream at the top and a dash of maple syrup.🍓

I also made another version covering the brioche toast with crushed Oreo’s over it with Nutella and Creme-Fraiche inside. Not only did this look beautiful, but it tasted great! Sugar-overload on a plate but worth every bite 😋

So there you have it! Restaurant worthy french toast in the comfort of your home, which I highly recommend for you to try out!

If you recreate this recipe then please DM me your french toast pics and tag @the_foodiepro so I can see your creative skills in the kitchen!🥰

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