White Chocolate and Pistachio Mango Smoothie

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

My review of a recipe courtesy of the ‘Pretty Simple Sweet Blog’

White Chocolate Mango Smoothie

If you wish to jump straight to the recipe then you can click on the above link and check out the other awesome recipes this blogger has created. Her Instagram bio is @shiran_dickman and she loves to do food photography, so definitely check it out!

My Review:

The recipe was very easy to follow and was delicious! I loved the fact she combined white chocolate and mango together which is a win-win combo!

Now from personal experience, I know that White chocolate and pistachios go so well together! I love the thought of combining all three by adding Mangoes to it and the experiment paid off.

Instead of using mango cubes (as I didn’t have any at the time) I used the Alphonso mango pulp which can be bought from any local supermarket. Also, it is up to your acquired taste of whether you wish to add yoghurt in or not, yet I personally love the authentic taste it brings.

For decor, I used gold colour sugar crystals/sprinkles to decorate around the edge of the glass to give it a boujee finish. Also, after pouring the mango smoothie/lassi into the glasses I added a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream directly into the glass to create a float. I then covered this with a pinch of white chocolate chips and garnished with pistachio slivers. This tasted really good as the white chocolate and pistachio combination works really well together with the mango. Very easy to make and it is perfect chilled on a hot summers day 👌☀️

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